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Any Ideas?

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I'm thinkin about buying a rockford fostgate amp and 2 JL w3's from someone on the forum. I was wondering if anyone is selling or knows where to find (good):

a) Speaker amp

b) 6x8 speakers

c) Tweeters


I am driving an 88' T-bird I'm on a budget but if you could find me nice speakers that wont blow leave me a message. And thanks in advance for anyone who helps

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You've definately got a fine choice of automobile if I do say so myself! :)


--> Think I have had a Tbird/Cougar for every year that they were made (Fox/MN12 Chasis)!


Great cars!


Well, lets start with what kind of budget you have for the items you listed.


Lots of great choices out there, just have to know where to start.


If I could manage to talk you out of going the 6x8 route, I do have an Illusion Audio ND6.1 Component System I am looking to sell.


6.5" Mid and 1 1/4" Tweet

Bi-amp capable crossovers

Grilles, tweeter mounts, hardware, it's all there.


They have been mounted twice, yet are in decent shape, and sound incredible. Very detailed output.








http://www.illusionaudio.com for more specs.


Still have the original box for these as well.


I listed them in the classifieds here for $325 Shipped, however, I am willing to say $300 shipped for the whole set.


Let me know if that is of interest to you.





I had powered the illusions with a Phoenix Gold Octane 4.0:2, and it did the job quite well.





That would have you covered in the speakers, tweeters, and amp department! :)



Otherwise, I would strongly suggest looking around at a few of these sites:










May want to browse the classifieds forums here or on a few other sites as well. Never can tell what you may find.


Either way, that should give you some eye candy, and food for thought!


take it easy,




Webslave - www.SoundwavesCS.net



"The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready."


- Henry David Thoreau


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