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Do I need a fuse on the power wire from the alt to the battery?

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you don't have too in fact it works best without a fuse, but at the same time your giving up safety if the wire comes loose from the alt it will short out and damage your battery as well as possibly start a fire/explode. I like to double stack fuses on that lead if in a crash and shorted it will blow but it will take a sec.

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yes fuse it for safety... fuse at your wires max amp rating


yep max rating, if you look what that is on 3' of 0g you will see why i double them up! and if you check across the ohm/resistance load of them doubled you will see a nice difference!

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use a 300amp it will give you the least electrical resistance while still offering protection.

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ABSOLUTELY fuse it, and a 300 amp fuse is spot on.. 1/0 gauge wire varies brand to brand, but 300A is right., Some people will disagree, and say fuses aren't necessary, but they are WRONG. ESPECIALLY between your alt. and battery. It WILL NOT have any EFFECT on your systems perfomance.. BUT, IT WILL protect your system. Fuse it or lose it. Hope i helped you bro... Bring on the haters.

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you can fuse to the alt since you will never pass more amperage thru the fuse then your alt can produce...

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      Assuming the shop fixes all this (and hopefully doesn't charge me since my car is under warranty), what can I do to prevent this from happening again? Do I need to do the big 3 upgrade? I read online that you should do the big 3 upgrade if your amp pulls more than 800 watts RMS or if your headlights dim. My headlights dim and my amp pulls 1,000 watts RMS. Also, I read online that my stock battery is small. So, should I....
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      2. Install a 2nd battery that is dry cell and can perform cranking
      3. Upgrade my alternator?
      4. Anything else?
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