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new member redmond wa :D

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i jus cam to say hello [=


i have a 2009 toyota matrix with 5% tint on the front and 2% on the back 3 windows. the tint is protecting an 18 in fi btl n2 fully loaded in a 10 cubic foot box. 8.5 after the port its on a 3000 watt monoblock poweraccoustik (soon to change) and about 30 feet of 0 awg runnin through my car


running mb quart coaxials and kicker components on a kicker 350.4


ohio generator 300 H.O alternator


146 db

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    • By TenguC
      Recently I bought a pair of Polk Audio DXI 460P Speakers for my doors and a pair of Kenwood KFC-6993PS speakers for my back. The door speakers can handle 50 Watts RMS and the back speakers can handle 120 Watts RMS. I am looking for an Amplifier to power them.
      I have come up with a few different Amps that I am considering.
      1. (My first choice) An MB Quart Discus amp that is going for 83.47 on Amazon.
      Amazon.com: MB Quart Discus DSC450 200 Watt A/B Class 4-Channel…
      I have heard MB Quart makes good Amplifiers and this seems to suit my needs, but I have also heard some bad things about Mb Quart as well.
      2. A Refurbished Rockford Fosgate R300-4 that is going for 114.95. It can produce 50 watts RMS to four channels at 4 ohms.
      Amazon.com: Rockford Fosgate Prime R300-4 300 Watt Multi Channel Amplifier: Electronics
      3. A Kicker 08ZX200.4 amp for 99.99 with free shipping on Crutchfield. It can only produce 35 watts RMS.
      Kicker 08ZX200.4 4-channel car amplifier — 35 watts RMS x 4 at Crutchfield.com
      4. (My absolute last choice due to price.) An Alpine MRP-F300. It can do 50 watts to all four channels but will also cost me the most money.
      Amazon.com: Alpine MRP-F300 - Amplifier - V-Power - 4-channel: Automotive
      I am almost broke from this audio adventure and the Amp is the last thing I am buying for now. Out of those can you please tell me which is the best and worth the money?
    • By bnb08
      I need a 4 channel amp
      Iv been doing some research and this is what I found so far..
      Buy.com - Boss CHAOS EXXTREME CX800 Car Amplifier
      is this a good deal?
      So, I am currently running (2) 8 series Alphasonic subs wired to 2 ohms only getting 325 wrms to each sub from a MB quart dsc 1500.1 mono amp.
      Each sub is 800wrms so I am barely pushing there limits!!!
      I think one of the subs are malfunctioning cuz it sounds more distorted than the other.
      So, I was debating on getting another 10" alphasonik 8 series or just run the good 1 @ 750wrms alone.
      My question is: will it be louder to push 1 @ 750wrms or to replace the one that blew and push 325wrms to each sub????
      Or just get a 12 or 15 inch 2ohm dvc sub and run it @ 1ohm?
      Thanks in advance to any and all helpful replies!
      P.S. Somebody help I need more BASSS!
    • By fencsantos
      MB Quart DHS 216 component speaker this price inviting in U.S. stores, virtually unchanged from MB Quart FSA216 in some stores, and reports of buyers in places is positive.
      I hesitate to buy products from MB Quart today because I read that after the purchase by Maxxsonics products do not have the same quality.
      Do you think it is better to buy MB Quart FSA216 or DSH 216 bet that new?
    • By bgolightly82
      Hey guys, so I'm back with another thread to try and get a little closure on products. So I've got the boxes made, filled with TC Sounds LMS-R 12's, ID Components in the front, Coaxial 6x9's in the back, proper electrical (HO Alt, Big 3, 2 Yellowtops), now its down to the amps. I was originally going with the SS DTR's, but now, due to trunk space, I am going to build a sub floor for the amps (because i'm facing the subs in the cabin, so that leaves a little room in the trunk. So the sub floor allows me to utilize that room for whatever) So now I'm looking into the SS Picasso PX1.1300D (1300 @ 1ohm); SS Tarantula TX1.1300D (1300 @ 1ohm); MB Onyx1.1500D (1500 @ 1ohm); Hifonics HFI1500D (1500 @ 1ohm); Hifonics TXI1508D (1500 @ 1ohm), and so on.... I'm really just looking for something that does rated power and is efficient. I hear that the SS DTR's are great but I'd hate to have to tuck them away and now show em off! Which is why I want to go with the sub-floor to display them, yet still utilize the room. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Let me know if there's something out there better! I'm working with a some what limited budget though...which is why basically every amp I look at is 300 and down. Thanks again guys!
      Also....looking for a good 4 Channel to push my speakers (Something that gets 150 per channel @ 4ohms; matches the other amps would be great!)