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2012 type s

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    • By Tone415
      Title says it.. Comes with remote, trim ring, harness, sirus adapter, and ipod cord.
      9/10 condition
      10/10 function
      Of course cash on your end.
      Will sell for $125 shipped
    • By jwoods330
      I have an alpine 1000 watt mono and powers up but won't push subs any ideas what or where I can go around akron\canton
    • By kiwizz
      Ok, so I bought myself a new car (Nissan X-Trail). The new car had a built in navigation system, so I had to pull the audio from the rear speakers and use a step down converter. After connecting everything up, I find that the subwoofer is not working. (Everything was fine in the 95' Jetta)
      I have checked everything I can think of. The +12 is good, the remote is good, ground is supposedly good (not too sure how to check this one - connected with short cable straight to chassis) The RCA audio is good, all the cables are fine.
      Funny thing is the amp worked a couple times after fiddling with the switches, maybe worked twice, and now wont. The lamp goes on, but no sound. I had a look at the insides and checked to see if anything had fried, but it all seems fine.
      Can anyone think of a reason why the amp isn't working? Anywhere I should be looking specifically?
      And here is the full resolution: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10434/AMP.jpg
    • By tuner culture
      I am starting a build log for my new stereo build. I created my first custom stereo install last year (pictured below) and now i just ripped it out and starting all over again. This is a hobby for me and do this during my spare time. I hope by posting this, it will help generate ideas, questions and answers as i embark on a new adventure.
      Here is a list of hardware i am currently using.
      Alpine W205
      Alpine PXA-H701 Multimedia Manager
      Alpine 1.1000
      Alpine 4.150
      Jl Audio 12w6v2
      Jl Audio ZR650-CSi
      1 Farad Stinger Cap
      Stinger accesories
      Dynamat Extreme
      Apple Itouch

      if anyone has any ideas, please pass along as i start the first phase: DESIGN