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Help I need a BDSYNC CABLE for the older rf1501bd amp

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Im been looking all over the net for this cable but cant seem to find it. I want to strap 1 rf1501bd and 1 rf501bd together. Is there a:confused: way to use a different kind of cable or does it have to be specifically rockford fosgate? Help plz..

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Ummm u cant strap 2 different amps together... Unless RF has some unique feature I have yet to hear about.

RIP Maynard "My heart"


1996 Ford Explorer 4 door XLT

HU - Eclipse cd-7100 "active"

Front Stage - 2 Alphard mx60 mids- 2 Alphard mx80 mids - 4 Hertz ST25's

Front Stage amp - 2 Alphard 200.4

Subwoofer - Custom

Subwoofer Amp- Soundigital 8.8k

Box - 3.5cf tuned @ 33hz

Wiring/Electrical - 4/0awg weld, JY 79.8Ah lithium, 290&370 hair JS Alternator

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