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Comp suggestions for skar 85.4

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New to car audio and I'm in the process of putting together my first build.


So far i have a Skar 800.1 pushing a vvx-15 in a 30hz ported box.


I'm interested in the 85.4 for my front stage and can use suggestions on what comps to look for.


Open to other amp suggestions as well.


My price range is between $150-$250 for comps.


Would also like to know what you guys think of the build itself and what direction I should take it.


I mainly listen to rap music and I'm leaning towards more sql than spl but then again I dont know what would go well with my current sub stage.


Specs for 85.4


4ohm 85 x 4

2ohm 125 x 2

4ohm mono 250 x 2


Frequency Response Hz (-3dB) : 20~30k

Signal to Noise Ratio (dB) : 105

Damping Factor : 200

Low Level Input : 6V-0.2mV

Line Output : Yes

Remote Level Knob Included : Yes

Power/Protection Indicators

4 Gauge Power and Ground Terminals

Dimensions (mm) : 350 L x 241 W x 64.5 H

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hydrid audio imagines, got recomended these by ge_off_me, and there bomb, deff worth the money

Pioneer 80prs

2 JL audio w6v.2s 12"

Custom Baltic birch box. 31hz.

Sundown saz1500d.

Crossfire tek1002

Knu and monster wiring

*need two 6.5 coaxs

Two 6x9,s

HO alt for 95Honda accord

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CDT Audio HD-61 on special for the rest of the month $249.99

@BarrySchanz on social

Founder and CEO of Barry Schanz Enterprises, LLC

dba Rubyserv

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