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need help designing my blow thru enclosure for my truck

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ok so i have a box 17" deep 49" wide 23 1/2" tall tuned to 35hz with 4" port..... then i have a box/port on the face of that that is 4" wide (inside diameter).... the idea was to increase cone space with 3 15" subs and increase box space while still using only a 1000watt rms amp. but my question is how do i maintain my 35 hz tunning with the 4 inch port on the face? and wont i have a alot of canceling sense i have a ported box blowing into another port? anything helps thanks can send pics pm me[ATTACH=CONFIG]26530771[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26530772[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26530773[/ATTACH]

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What kind of 15" drivers are you going to utilize?

Can you increase your dimensions for enclosure size? By the time you have enough volume and port you'll have to be larger. Dependent on the drivers, I'd at least scrounge up 10 cubes gross, with ~100sqin of port area at the least.

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Would you mind asking your question another route? I guess I'm trying to make sense of your question in the OP but I'm not sure exactly what you're asking.

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ok my problem is that i built a ported box like in the pic for 3 cheap 15" subs like really cheap just so i could use all the 1000 watts and alot of cone space. but then i wanted to put it in the canopy of my truck and have it blow thru into my truck cab.....so i put the boot on my canopy and built a box over the face so that the sound would be directed into the cab of my truck....but because i put the cap/box/port thing on the front of the box there is bass cancelation and idk how to tune it......if anyone can think of a better set up that will do the same job i will do it! haha

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      I need to build a nice enlosure 4.5 cubes to 8.0 cubes for my Fi 18" BTL N2. Problem is, I don't know how to build a box and tune it to 35 hertz. I've got a Mazda 3 sedan so my room to play in my trunk is 30 width, 36 depth, and 18 height. Can anyone help me design a box with a round or slit port that'll get me to 35 hertz?
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      Thanks a million if anyone can help me out....
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      I am installing a system from front to back and need some advice. Its a 2000 mercury mystique(trunk car) and I'm not completely ignorant at this stuff just don't know some of the more intricate details. I will list what I have and have done then what I think I need to get and do. From there is where I need help. I know some of you will rag on me about some decisions in products used, I am aware of the limitations of these things and better quality will be purchased when the products I have fry so I don't need a list of buy this and that I need info on install etc. Here goes: What I have installed: Head: JVC KD-S39 All doors: kicker DS682 component systems (1 speaker each door, 1 tweeter on pillar) Rear deck: audio pipe ts-vr8 8" 4ohm dvc 175 rms each x2 Trunk: kicker 10cvr124 12" 4ohm dvc 400 rms each x2 Door amp: audiobahn a4004j 50x4 at 4ohms Rear deck amp: audiobahn a4002j 250x2 at 2ohms Trunk amp: audiobahn a8002j 500x2 at 2ohms Xover: planet audio ecb20 3 way active What install I have done so far: Installed head unit with the only connection to the rest of the system being the RCA cables and the remote turn on the remote runs down the driver side with the 8 gauge power cable to the trunk the RCA cables run down the passenger side to the trunk along with all doors speaker wires except the rear driver door speaker wire runs under the back seat to the passenger side and joins the other three doors wires and RCA cables before entering the trunk the rear deck is custom made panel that has a baffle board that holds the 8 inch subs and the terminal plate for them that is bolted to the top with a layer of weather stripping underneath to help seal the box that is attached to the bottom of the rear deck for them it has also been foamed in completely underneath and the rear deck is solid the trunk has a framed and paneled floor the box for the 12 sits on top of that up against the back seat frame it is 38 inches wide 16tall and 15 deep at the top and 18 deep at the bottom so it basically has a slant of 3 inches on the back side against the seat with the subs and the terminal plates for them on the trunk side and it's sealed the sides of the trunk have been paneled and framed the driver side rear pocket is built into a battery box that will have the distros on top and the passenger side is paneled into a cove and will have the amp rack and xover tucked there the side of the box for the 12 as well as the whole front between the backseat and the box and the sides of the car have all been foamed so that the trunk is completely sealed as well as the vent pockets in the rear corners basically the box for the 12 is completely airtight as well as the trunk area itself outside of the box
      What I plan to do and need advice on 1 Run two lengths of one gauge wire to the rear battery with 1 gauge to 4 8 gauge distros coming of the positive and negative to the amps 2 Install hi low converter on the high side of the deck to gain two more sets of RCA cables for a total of 4 set to run the doors off two sets and two set to the crossover that has 3 output creating a four-way system: doors, bass, mid, treble 3 install six by nines and tweeters and another 4 channel amp 4 CCF and MLV in the doors and floors and trunk lid and trucks sides with CLD tiles on all the door and fender and trunk lid skins as well as a spare tire well and roof of car 5 cut 3 3 inch holes in the rear deck for a direct air coupling between the cabin and the trunk? This will create a sort of 4th order bandpass I think???? This one I need an answer on before I do it ASAP 6 build amp rack and install 2 push fans and 2 pull fans to force air over the amps and crossover 7 last but not least is finalize all wiring positions and mounts and install 300 LEDs in various spots locations all wired together to controller then I can add the padding and final material to cover everything
      I am sure I have left a few things out on the sides of what I have done and what I plan to do but this is it for the most part any suggestions ideas creative solutions to problems not seen will be greatly appreciated I plan on entering this car in USAC and IASCA sq competitions starting at the Rookie level since this is my first ever
      By the way I am in Tulsa Oklahoma if anybody lives around here that can help me out or has the équipement like a good RTA or sound generators(not phone apps) or even a term lab or equivalent to test all this it would be even more greatly appreciated just let me know and I'll give you my number
      Thanks in advance to all those who help will post pics today in a build log
    • By Kschmitz91
      I just got a 15" Audioque hdc3 and I am going to get all new everything to run with that. Im guessing the box would be the next step. I have a 2003 ford explorer sport xlt and it has a relatively big area for a box. I am lost as to what size ported box to use and what frequency to have it be at. I'm looking for loud and and still being able to hit lows. What size box should I have made? All help is greatly appreciated.