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2006 Pontiac G6 (Stage : Research and Design)

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I made this post on DIYMA but figured it wouldn't hurt to get more data.


I'm aiming more for SQ->SQL rather than SPL


Currently I have a 2006 Pontiac G6 with a monsoon system without onstar. The only thing that isnt stock right now are the front and rear speakers, they have been replaced with Pioneer TS-A1674R 6.5" and Pioneer TS-A1674R 6"x9". (Right now SQ is hurting because the rear speakers do not connect the same way as stock, not sure how to correctly describe this)


I've been doing a ton of research but still haven't been able to solidify a choice as far as what would give me the most improvement in audio according to my budget.

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Beside sound, there are some features that I am looking for in a new headunit and those would be:

Very quick and smooth response to touch commands


reverse-camera input

bluetooth built in

hd radio built in

The two head units I have been looking at are JVC KW-NT50HDT and the Pioneer AVH-P3400BH. (Leaning towards the Pioneer)


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From everything Ive read, without upgrading my cars electrical (I will still do the Big 3) I can only go up to 1500w RMS so I was thinking about getting the AQ1200D Amplifier to power either the Fi Q10 or the Fi BL10 again, advice about maximizing value for my money would be appreciated. (Another user on DIYMA suggested the SSA Icon 10")


Will consider replacing speakers too if I enough people suggest I should.


(Sorry for Breaking this posts up, but for some reason kept getting denied as one post.)

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This section is for build logs. Your post fits better in the general section.

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