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40x Batcap 2000 Look-a-likes

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I will only trade for a solid 2kw at 1ohm(or 4ohms).


Item(s) for Sale: 40x DataSafe batts



Item(s) Description/Condition:



DataSafe NPX valve regulated lead-acid batteries are designed for high rate discharge applications. These batteries are used primarily where high wattage is required for a short duration. With 50% more wattage available and a 30% reduction in size over conventional batteries, DataSafe NPX batteries offer a superior value.


These DataSafe batts are made by Enersys, who also makes Stinger, Hawker, and Odyssey batteries...which we all know are pretty well respected. :D


- Sealed/maintenance-free - no water to add

- Sealed construction - can be operated in any position without leakage

- Rugged construction - high impact ABS plastic cases

- Rechargeable sealed lead acid battery

- Lead-calcium VRLA (AGM) technology

- 34.1lbs

- Dimensions: 7.76"L x 6.50"W x 6.89"H

- Resting at 12.9-13V

- Threaded inserts for easy connections




$105 shipped each

$100 shipped if buying more than one

$80 each for locals



Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

Included in price, will be shipped via FedEx



Item Pictures:



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any trades?











































































lol i will get one next week just for extra.....

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Longview is about 2hrs for me. Tyler is obviously a little closer. I can do either/or, let me know either way. I'm pretty open on Saturdays and Sundays.


we may can do next weekend then...so I can scrape up some monies for you...I need to hit Harbor Freight in Shreveport ...

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