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I purchased 2 amps from this person as a newbie to the site and he did exactly as he said he would... He boxed and shipped both, and forwarded me the reciept to show proof. Amps could have had a bit of packing but arrived safely. I haven't had a chance to test them but hopefully willl soon. I just wanted to give credit where it was due. I have done lots of online sales and trading while building custom sportbikes and cruisers as a hobby and it's great to get what you pay for, when all you have is your word online. I appreciate you doing what you said you would. I hope to continue to have good experiences here, as we all work hard to enjoy our hobbies.. I have been a audio fan coming from NC originally, since back when blue thunder woofers were popular,lol.. Happy Trading...


Below is a picture of a recent build I finished...

Purchased from Najchrislee (2)

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