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just installed the following into a 1996 ford econoline e350:


sony xplod cdx-gt55uiw head unit


Kenwood KAC-9105D 1800-Watt Class D Mono Amplifier


2- 12" rockford fosgate punch he2 (500 watt max) in a non ported truck box (space in the van is limited)


...wired the amp with a fierce audio 4 gauge wiring kit also.


Phase - 0 degrees

ISF - 25hz

bass boost - 0

LPF - 80hz

input sensitivity(v) - about 0.8


subs just aren't hitting for sh*t! they can barely be heard, but they are pushing. surely i'm making some mistakes. any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Dude that van is huge there outta be some space!!

Explorer 97'


Sub amp: aq1500d

Sub: 2 JL 12w3d4's

Door amp: RF2002

Highs: memphis audio

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Check HU settings, make sure the subs are wired to the desired impedance.

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stop buying ish at best buy!!! .... j/k .. your inpust sensitivity is suprisingly low... so do you have your gains set correctly? and you gotta watch your sub wiring... i've seen guys with SVC subs, that mistakingly wired them to 8 ohms, and didnt know why they werent hitting

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the loudest montero sport around

head unit: toshiba thrive 10.1" android tablet/ Kenwood KVT-516

front stage: each door: 1 8' RF p1 (midbass), midrange: 2 cadence cwm6.5's, 1 memphis pr 6.5 coax (kickplate), 1 cadence 4' coax (a-pillars)

subs: 4 AQ HDC3 18'S, walled in a clamshell

amps: subs: AB 500.1, looking for a second; midrange and midbass: 2 AP 1000.4



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Dude the phase should be in middle position, not 0 or 180. 0 is for the master amp and the 180 is for the slave amp when you stack them.

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Dude the phase should be in middle position, not 0 or 180. 0 is for the master amp and the 180 is for the slave amp when you stack them.


did you really make this your first post.

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    • By NeverPetABurningDog
      Hello friends.
      My amp and sub setup in my trunk works well except that the amp overheats regularly. It's a 4-channel amp, so I have two options for wiring the sub: bridged and unbridged. When it's unbridged, it's weak but it doesn't overheat as much. When it's bridged it sounds awesome but overheats after a few minutes, depending on the temperature outside. At first I thought that the ground wasn't good enough, so I moved it to the one of the bolts on the rear strut tower and sanded down every surface until shiny metal. I also cut the ground wire down to 18" or less. It still overheats. Maybe I need a higher gauge wire? I went to this audio shop and this guy told me to try switching the sub from channels 1 and 2 bridged to channels 3 and 4 bridged. So I did. Not sure what it did. I also might need to tune the setup more accurately, but I don't know that that has much to do with overheating issues.
      My car (95 Civic if you're wondering) came wired by the previous owner for a subwoofer. 4 gauge power wire from the battery to the trunk, 4 gauge ground, and a remote wire and RCA cables from the radio to the trunk. Power and ground are both OFC. Back in April, I got a used amp and a sub and put it in my trunk. I don't know much about audio/electrical, but I'll list what I know about my setup below:
      The amp I got is a PlanetAudio 4-channel amp (I know it's meant for speakers, but it at least works for the sub and I got it for $50). Here it is.
      The sub is a Pioneer. Don't know the model number, but the reading on the multimeter at the terminals tells me it's a 4-ohm sub. It's a single voice-coil subwoofer.
      What I don't understand is what bridging does to the impedance of the circuit. From my understanding, you want to match the impedance as close as you possibly can. So, if my amp is 4 ohms, I want a 4 ohm speaker to match it. Does bridging channels 1 and 2 put the impedance at 2 ohms and make it unstable? Or does running the sub on 1 channel put it at 8 ohms and make it more stable? I don't quite understand. 
      Another quick few things. I have no money, but I still appreciate advice like "get a new amp" or "get a fan to blow air on it" even though I won't be able to follow through with it until I pay for college. Advice concerning the wiring will be much more valuable to me.
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      So I recently purchased 4 Polk Audio DB652's for my 2012 Subaru Impreza (with a stock in-dash stereo). I like them but I wanted more out of them so I purchased a Pioneer D9605 5 channel amp. I chose this amp because I wanted to see more output from my current 4 door speakers and a sub woofer that I am planning on getting (Rockford Fosgate P3D4 12"). I feel like I got my amp without being well informed on other factors and was wondering what some great car enthusiast think of my purchases and car audio goals. Ask any questions that I would need to further clarify to help y'all help me!  Also, are the Polk door speakers I got that great?
      All help and recommendations are very much appreciated!!!
      P.s. I don't have a large knowledge of car audio if it isn't yet obvious.
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      Hello folks! I'm currently putting together a modest SQ build and have run into a bit of a snag with subwoofer, enclosure, and amplifier selection and would greatly appreciate some advice on the matter. The snag is my lack of familiarity with the current "good brands" and the strange lack of shops willing to demo SQ subwoofers or their "high end" subwoofers. While the overall goal is excellent sound quality, I am an oldschool basshead at heart and still want exceptional levels of loud when the mood strikes me. I have, over a few decades, owned various sizes of subwoofers and enclosures and have found that they all have their own merrits however, my favorite subs/enclosure were 2 Soundstream SS10R's (circa mid nineties) sealed with a 600w monoblock supplying the juice. I would love to have something that either matches the level of output and accuracy of that set up or exceeds it, in terms of sonic transparency, as well as the ability to compliment my front stage set up and rattle some door parts loose. I have access to Arc Audio, Hertz, Focal, FI, DD, DA, JL, Audio Frog, Sun Down, and Fosgate.  I would prefer to stay within a budget of $1500 for sub(s) and amplifier. The environment is a 2018 Mustang GT, and I have, roughly 3 cubic feet to use for enclosure space. The build, so far, is as follows:
      •Hertz Mille pro 163.3 three way front stage fully active.
      •Arc Audio XDi 1200.6
      •Arc Audio PS8 DSP
      Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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      Haven't been here in a bit, and figured I'd drop a few random shots of some of the latest subs we've been building/re-building here at the shop.
      Full pictorials with step-by-step build pics are at our forum, if you want to see them all. I'll just post finished pics in this post.
      Don't mean to spam the place up.... just know how we all love to see random subwoofer pron!
      If you have any questios, please ask. If not, enjoy the pics.