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I have a Hifonics BXI2006d amp

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What subs should i hook up to it?

Hifonics BXi 2006D:


Super D-Class Monoblock Amplifier

RMS Power Ratings:

* 1 ohm: 2000 watts x 1 channel

* 2 ohms: 1300 watts x 1 channel

* 4 ohms: 650 watts x 1 channel


i wanna know what subwoofers would be best to hook up to this amp so they wouldn't burn out (like alot have) or pop.

i want to connect one really good 12"

or two 12"s

or one 15"


my budget is around 200$ for only subs, i have boxes (single and double)


any suggestions??


also i want to know what the difference between a mono amp and a 2 chan amp is if i can still connect 2 speakers onto my mono hifonics amp?





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a mono amp is bass only a 2 channel will be a stereo or full range amp,first of all get rid of the pre fab boxes you have and build or have someone build a box as far as subs there are just to many to choose from just make sure your ohm configuration is not below 1ohm,200 might not be enough for a decent set up you might wana increase it by 200

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ok so what if i hook up two 4ohm subs to it, then it will split the 650watts to 325 each right? and the it should sound fine?

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if i was in your situation I would buy 1 15in audioque 2.5 for 189shipped build a good box or have someone do it for you and just dont have any bassboost on or anything like that and it should be good

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im fine with sticking one 15" to it, but it must be at 4ohms with at least 650 or 700 watts rms

or 2 ohms with at least 1300 watts rms


would the audioque 2.5 be able to handle that? and if so where would i get this sub?

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the aq would take it just fine,just make sure you buy a dual 2ohm sub so it can be wired down to 1ohm for 2000 watts rms

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I have the same amp, had it hooked to a konaki 12 at 1ohm and smoked it lol, had the gain set a lil high anyways, didnt care if I fried it cause I was rebuilding it into a 18. Got pretty **** loud, nobody believed it was a single 12 until I popped the trunk. Now I have it on 2 hifonics HFI 12s at 4ohm and it does pretty good on those too. It is pretty power hungry at 1ohm so make sure your electrical is built.

If you ever want to sell it lmk, wouldnt mind another one so I could strap a pair.

What sub depends on how much room you want to give up, looks like you have prefab boxes, ditch those and build one or get one built, the extra cost is deff worth it. I had the konaki in a 2 cube box tuned to 32, got loud and held the lows great.

How much room do you have? What car?

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thanks for the suggestions, they're all some real good subs


but i was thinking if maybe i'd connect one 15" KICKER S15L74 to it



at 4ohms it can handle 1000watts rms which is fine by me

would it be worth it?


i would love to connect some of the 2000watters but living in Chicago would make it troubling, noise laws are pretty strict and i've been pulled over for having 3 12" JL Audio 12w6 connected to this same amp


and i have an Altima 2000

not the biggest car, but has a pretty spacey trunk

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Decided to get 2 alpine type Rs

1800watts max

600watts rms

2 Ohms


so my amp will push 1300watts rms at 2 ohms and will split them to 650watts to each sub

is this alright?

also will i need a capacitor?

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that's what I did, on basically the same amp. Sounds good, but a better enclosure would make it better in my setup.

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eh i got the 2ohms cheap, and they'll handle the amp im sure

i just dunno how to wire the amp to the 2ohm speakers

(considering that the amp is a mono amp but has 2- and 2+ slots like a 2chan amp)

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