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Anyone check out VIC Ltd NaviSurf II UBU-3G CarPC??

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2005 Escape XLT Sport

Alpine CDA-9835 - Audison LRx5.1k - Hertz MLK 2 TM - Hertz ML1600 - Hertz HX300

Audison Wiring - Optima Red Top - Dynamat Extreme


[bought from] dcmcki, 90accordman, MikeyB, itzme218, redcalimp5, SVT_RELAMPAGO, Johnny_Drama, RollinGTO, Fast1One, tc3k101, ramk1018, Brian_Smith06, John_Pionke, BigOso, TeamPSI, pickup1, PatFitz9, pro-rabbit, oldschoolboomer

[sold to] darqnez, tipnitty, Mugatu0, MrChow, nineball, SocialStealth, macq32, .livin.loud., slappinX, GlassEyez, Jeremy M, Honez

[Traded with] James Bang, MovnZ28

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