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natisfynest - Excellent Seller

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I bought a couple of subs off of natisfynest. He shipped promptly, kept good communication with me, and the subs arrived very quickly. He even covered the difference when the cost of shipping turned out to be more then expected.


I would highly recommend natisfynest as a seller !!!

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Thank you sir I would sell to you anytime. You paid promptly and didnt harass me about shipping or anything thanks for being one of the good people still left on the internet



bought from - 99grandprixGT X2(xbox360 and rca's),Derrick824 (0 gauge wirez),el_chupo_(d35 yellow top),DBeez(sundown bass knob),mytyeerinpie(sundown saz-1500d),NGSM13(built me a box)

sold to-joe98chevy(saz-1500d),plugitin(sundown gain knob),haunz(2 blown re se's)

scammed by- MACKALLMIKE

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