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Alright I have a orion hcca 12.4 and a 15.4 there both dual 4 2000 watts rms 4000 peak I'm looking to trade the 15 for another 12.4 I would perfer somewhere close to illinois locally driven if its shipped your paying shipping Or if your interested in either sub let me know.


hcca 12810 :: 12810.jpg picture by morespl1 - Photobucket

hcca154fatbox.jpg picture by morespl1 - Photobucket

hcca124.jpg picture by morespl1 - Photobucket

hcca 4 picture by morespl1 - Photobucket

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    • By fatmatt2003
      I just recently bought 2 12'' orion xtr subs, new in a ported box. Then decided to get a Orion amp, I found a old school Orion 4004 on craigslist for dirt cheap , hooked it up and works great, I wired both subs bridged on the rear channels and had the 4 guage power/ground wire ran professionally at a retuable car audio shop. Everything was good and i mean great , the xtr's are slamming hard but that 4004 amp gets stupid hot , I've read some other reviews and learned that the amp has a protection agianst heat and shuts down at 190 degress. So after about 15-20 mins the amp just shuts down, Then when cooling down comes back on for about 2-3 mins then repeats itself. I tried turning down the gain to less then half way and even tried messing with my head unit to adjust the bass and input , it still gets very hot and kinda defeats the purpose of having that amp. when the gain is at a somewhat safe level , it is like the subs are not even on (very little bass). I belive the subs are the 2-ohm version , but do not know for sure. anybody know what to do?does anyone think a fan would help ???
    • By justboughtaz
      Hey guys, i'm in the process of building a new system for my Z and need all the input I can get since I have no prior experience with the acoustics of the Z. My last systems was composed primarily of Kicker so i'm thinking of sticking with them for the amps. Below is what I have this far:
      Pioneer AVIC Z120BT Head Unit
      (2) Orion HCCA 10.2 Subwoofers
      What door speakers, behind seat speakers do you recommend?
      What amp would you recommend for the two orion 10" subwoofers.
      I am not trying to go overboard on the amps, I have priced the following and would like to stay in the range of $1000 for amps.
      Kicker ZX2500.1 (10ZX2500.1) $679
      Kicker ZX350.4 (10ZX350.4) $169
      I plan to run the two subs @ two ohms, and the kicker amp is rated at 2500 watts RMS @ 2 ohms.
      Thanks people
    • By ChevyRidinLow
      i guess i messed up on this post i will edit it in the am guys thanks
    • By Jager
      I will be running a FI BTL 15 d2 off of an Orion 2500d. Box is about 4 cubes tuned to 34z. I have a 180 amp alt, an optima yellow top for front battery, and a batcap 800 for back battery. I will have big 3 done in 2/0 welding cable.
      1. Is it worth having multiple runs of 0 gauge from front battery to back, or will 1 be enough?
      2. Is it worth getting a second batcap for my trunk, or should I install what I got, see what my electrical is at, and just go from there?
      3. Do I need an isolator inbetween batcap and optima?
      4. Do I need to fuse between Batcap and amp?
    • By warzecha0563
      Hello all! Just posting to see if anyone out there has this exact banner! Really in love with this thing and I would pay some decent money if someone had one in good condition they were willing to part with. thanks
      p.s. the banner is believe is 8 ft by 4 ft.