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K.. I'm having a lot of trouble designing a ported box. Everytime I think I've got it, I'm wrong. Is there a simple equation that determines frequency? Such as.. Volume of box / volume of port?


I've seen those little web page calculators that determine round port volume, but I suck at math. I can't figure out the same-volume demensions of a slot port. There an equation for this as well?

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volume of a cylinder is lengh x area


V= L x A


Volume of a box is the Height x width x depth


V= H x L x W


Find the volume of your round port and then use the size slot port you want to make and that will tell you your lengh.

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Tuning freq. is determined by the cross area of the poprt, not the actual volume. Here is a formula that shoe you the way...how simple it is depends on your level of math.




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Lv = [(14630000 x R^2) / (Fb^2 x Vb)] - 1.463R

*Vb = vol. in cu"

**R = sq.rt. A / Pi (for square/slot port)

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