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Blaupunkt Hamburg

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Anyone know the difference(s) between the Blaupunkt Hamburg mp57 and mp68? I know the 68 is a newer model, but can't really figure out the differences other than aesthetics.

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    • By karumudi7
      Hello, I recently bought a Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX from BestBuy and using it from a month in my 2014 Ford Mustang.
      The radio was decent, but I am having problems with:
      1. Android Auto - When I connected by phone (BB Keyone), I always get a message: "To use Android Auto please stop the car and check your phone". I reset my phone completely and tried but no use. Do any one know what will be the problem for this? I am using OEM USB cable.
      2. I have disconnected the Head Unit GPS cable to have the video play in motion. But, when I connect my iPhone for Navigation, it looks the CarPlay is taking the GPS signal from HeadUnit rather from the iPhone. Is it true that Android Auto and CarPlay uses HeadUnit GPS for navigation? If so, is they anyway to change it?
      3. I see a weird message on the HU screen: "No paired phones connected" after couple minutes of start up, even though there is a phone connected via Bluetooth and music is already playing. 
      4. I noticed, randomly, when I tried to increase the volume from my steering wheel control some times it is moving to next music track. But this is random.
      5. The BestBuy technician who fixed this radio in my car told, the radio may give blue screen errors if tried to connect with AUX cable. Due to this, he didn't provisioned the AUX port. Is this true?
      Any help with above is appreciated.
    • By RG1
      I am looking to replace my head unit and I need one with built in bluetooth, sub pre amps, and good sound quality.
      I'm stuck between these HUs
      Pioneer DEH-P7100BT (dehp7100bt) - Car Stereo In-Dash Receiver at Sonic Electronix - Sonic Electronix
      JVC KD-A815 (kda815) - Car Stereo In-Dash Receiver at Sonic Electronix - Sonic Electronix
      Sony MEX-BT5700U - In-Dash Car Stereo with Bluetooth (MEXBT5700U)
      Clarion FZ709 - Car Stereo In-Dash Receiver at Sonic Electronix - Sonic Electronix
      the pioneer is winning because i have had a good history with them.
      o yeah the head unit must be a single din
    • By TheSeeker
      Hi, I am restoring a 77 vw bus and the interior is completely stripped and I am doing the new interior custom with a friend of mine. I really appreciate high quality audio and would like a new system that is cost-effective. I would like a head unit, 2 speakers up front, 2 speakers in the back, and a subwoofer, plus all the necessary amplifiers. There are so many choices its hard to make a decision. For the head unit I want something with a usb hookup in the back, a cd player, aux input, hd radio, and a remote control. I would like to spend around $500 on this if that is reasonable. If i can get some thing much better for say $150 more, i am looking for optimum cost/quality ratio so if that fits ill go for it.
      I would really appreciate any advice since ive never done this before.
    • By hjsharkey23
      I am new to car audio and I dont really know much about it. I was looking to spend around $300 on a head unit. I'm pretty sure I've narrowed it down to the alpine 9887 and the alpine x305s. I'm mainly going to connect my iPod to the head unit. Also, my car is a '99 Infiniti G20. The factory stereo is double din. How can I mount a single din into the double din slot. I've seen people who have a little space underneath the head unit. Help me out guys.. I'm a noob.
    • By classicgamr
      hey guys..
      I was trying to find out/remember what the model number was to the head units Sony came out with about 5-6 maybe 7 years ago.
      It was a single din full color video unit..I think it had a flip down face plate to load the discs.
      I think there were 2 different models, one per year.
      I have searched and searched the net but can't seem to put my finger on this
      does any one remember these radios??