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Me and Gumbysmoke are in the progress of finishing up the box for the geo...

The box is still under some work and later Ill log on some other car stuff on how the metro is coming along







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    • By Marquise
      Everytime i turn my reciever up my subs stop bassing....it has just now begun to do this i've had them for about 2 years now and they work perfectly. Its just when i turn it up it goes away. I have 2 12 inch dual subs in box and sony amp 1000w.
    • By MustangBoy23
      I have 2 10" Audio Art subwoofers that say 30oz. and 4 ohms. on the back. I have Googled them for hours and can't find anything. Can anyone give me some info? Ex. max watts. Thanks
    • By timbassett
      ok i have 2 ts-w3002d2 subs andno idea what to use for a box i wana make one but dont kno if i should go ported or sealed and what to do for ether when i decide i want ported but dont kno if its the best way to go and if i need help making planes i dont want the box to be carpeted just painted with a nice layer of probably laker afterward the box requires .5 cu.ft min in a sealed and 1 cu.ft max and
      .8 cu.ft min in ported and 1.6 max im interested in lower tones of bass rather then the higher tones so i need help tuneing the port and how to do that and if i should go with a larger then recomended i am putting it in a maxima also so i dont have too much room to play with though the trunk will be all audio (dont wana ruin it by sh^t rooling around in there
    • By PuMpDatBaSs420
      Trying to figure out a good single amp setup for 2x RF Punch Stage 3 15" subs. Id rather get the dual 4 ohm's (mostly because they're $30 cheaper lol) but the dual 2 ohms are an option.
      Amp shouldn't be more than $200 and should be able to throw them pretty hard, thinking those subs can take from 750-1000 watts daily(not too sure about that though.) But if anyone has any ideas for a good amp setup/more info Id greatly appreciate it.
      Trying to put the subs in a 2.75 cube box tuned at 28-32 hz. Porbably going with 32 since i found box plans for one on here (stickys rox) but not sure how itll sound
      before i get flamed too id just like to say im no expert at car audio but im trying to learn the ropes
    • By notw
      The box for this sub is simply too big for my truck since I now have a newborn that would be riding next to it. I have taken care of the sub and gave it a nice long burn in. I have had it for about one year and it has been great!
      Okay, so I would like to trade my sub for a 12 that can handle 1000wrms @ 2ohms. I really want a powerful 12 but will consider 2 less powerful 10" subs each @ 500wrs equalling 1000wrms @ 2ohms.
      I live in Georgia and will drive half way to anyone living in a state touching Georgia.
      Otherwise I will need good references to your integrity before I ship my sub anywhere.
      Michael G.
      678-316-7004 Feel free to call or text me if you are interested.