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Phoenix Risen

Hello all

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Hi all, the names Bryan


i joined CA due to my good friends mossberg385t and nateberrier who have taught me most of what i know about auido through projects of both theirs and mine. currently working with them on the chevette


my ride is a 2008 hyundai tiburon, with a alpine ida-200 HU, and a mb quart reference 12 running on a kicker impulse 354xi, looking to drop a lot more power in it soon.

R.I.P. 2008 Hyundai Tiburon GS

2005 Subaru Baja turbo, build in planing stages.


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Refs: mrmakinmoves[sCAMMER] AKA ICHASEPAPER2010, skydeaner, fukinmovin, mossberg385t, grimreper912003, LBC99, Dbeez, Michaellane, thegreatestpenn, truckstoy, ge_off_me, btr, cupid6969, johnprdeye, jh8909, tylerj, UMWDawg92, nu2spl, zerosktr111, SPLAUDIO, $LICK CALIFA$, jfroghobo



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