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3 weeks to tax return and time to rebuild...

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I have a 93 Thunderbird LX with 40,000 miles. Brand new I had a sys installed. The HU took a crap last year and I want to replace it. Looking at the Kenwood KDC-994. I have a bad habit of being able to turn it up and also controling the sub level on the fly for different songs. Currently I have an eq in the glove tray hole on the dash that has a sub level knob right there. I was thinking of getting rid of the eq and putting in a panel for the usb port. I also want the bluetooth features with an internal mike on the visor. Can you easily access the sub gain and volume on this unit? I talked to kenwoods support and the guy dd not really know. I have a 4 channel and a bridged amp in the trunk(remember the Sedona line anyone?) The sub amp overheats after 25 min of jamming. I put in a 1 farad cap to help but that did not stop it. Where from here with that issue? Fans, have alternator built for more amps(which I am not sure you can even do with this car), I am running 4 gauge. Also, I have two tweets on the dash that are unhooked. They used to run with inline caps off the front speaker wire that went to the 2 way crossovers in the doors(that is where the other tweets are). Any ideas on what I should do with them(use them again and how). I need the guys out there with the real know how to help with this please.

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