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hornedfrog1985 good guy!!!

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We had an issue with UPS damaging an amp that i paid for. He was great to deal with. Took a little while to get my money but it was alright. Im unsure if he ever got insurance money for the amp. So he dished out the 420 himself and threw in a little extra for the wait. Dont hesitate to deal with him:)


Equipment for sale-220A alt, Eminence Delta 10" speakers, BNIB MB Quart Q4.80, (2) IA 20.1's (Newest Version), SI BM Motor w/ Basket, (2) Deka Intimidator G31 Batts, 2 RD Sonance 15's with baskets (need recone).


Refs: Scott S, hornedfrog1985, dsmdan, Newageking, DBboom, R/T Pimp, SQcrewcab, Bumpin Buick, tangelo95, fearof85,

coma_toast, Blackga, spy, LouisianaCRX, Oxsign, etc...

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