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Avic f900bt/f90bt users

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I'm gonna get one, thanks to farmerehsan within the next two weeks. Meanwhile, i'd like to work on my system so everything will be ready once it'll be here. I'm starting university in 1 weeks and i won't have as much time as i do now.



1) The subwoofer output, is there a way to put it to "through" (no lpf at all) on the unit? On pioneer website they said 60/80/100/125... i want to put my epic-160, but i can't if the output ain't full range




2) How fast is it to change subwoofer output? If it take more than a click, i'll need my remote gain installed somewhere




3) No one talk about dvd/cd music disk bootup. Does it take 30-45 second too with 2.0 firmware?




4) Will it accept any 8go sd card? can you use the voice recognition for dvd/cd, sd or just ipod and phone list?




5) Does it read .avi? what do i need to convert my video to? what software to use? any restriction?





6) How hard is the instal? Is it simply like a regular unit but with gps antenna and bt mic?




7) wil my bluetooth samsung phone (2year old) works on it? how hard to synth?




8) How's the equalizer on it? 3 band or 12 band? kinda confused




9)What are the staging options? does it really help in car?




10) how the navi function overall? is it the same than on the d3 but on flash memory? I hope they didn't let us down in Quebec with low detailed maps lol




11) How's the sq generaly? I'm coming off an 24bit d/a converter unit and that was sounding great




I may have some more question later. How do you generaly like the avic-f900bt.

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