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Topic: Oakley Oil Rig w/ Black iriduim lens

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I got a brand new pair of Oakley oil rig with Black iridium lens they are the nick hayden edition. They will come with the original box, warranty card and bag.


These are 100% authentic oakleys. I have sold a pair Oakley on here before. Here is the feed back from that sale.



I am looking to get $100 for them.

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trade for digital camera with own printer dock

or http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=427146


any of this and some cash for me


i let my woman push/pull the cart and i walk in front of her to show dominance


Yeah, we need something to protect us as consumers. Either that, or I'll just start sellin Wal-Mart batteries with fancy stickers on them. You will all start hanging on my nuts like like an FI sub.


I will call them electric strike force banana nut suckin eat my balls batteries. $200 shipped. pm me for them :fyi:



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