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head unit advice for a noob

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looking at getting the pioneer 800PRS or the FH-P8000BT. What are the main differences in these, besides one is double din and one is single din? I will be running a 4 ch amp and a mono sub amp off of these. which one would give me better capabilities?







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The 800PRS is a superior model... Neither of those units will have perfect output voltage for your amplifier applications, but they should work acceptable. Pre-Out voltage tends to be low on the Pioneer models unfortunately.

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The 800PRS is an "audiophile" grade head unit. The 8000BT has some nice features, but it's definitely a step down from the 800PRS. If you want SQ go with the 800PRS. If you want a double din unit and you don't care about having a ton of features and controls, go with the 8000BT; it is cheaper. I can't say enough positive things about my 800PRS.

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