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Hi, Name is Doug Roberts. Live in Missouri Do some competing with MidwestSPL and Usaci.

Doug Roberts

99 merc Cougar/01 Ford Exploder

08 MidwestSPL Points Champ 3rd Basic 5(152.2db) 08 MidwestSPL 1st Xtreme 3

09 MidwestSPL 1st Basic 5(154.5db) 2nd Xtreme 2 3rd Overall Points Region 1 Compeditor of the Year

10 MidwestSPL 3rd Basic 5(Yr High 155.7db B4 i lost the amps) 3rd Xtreme 3

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Team Wee Bee

Team RF Bass Race

Team Kinetik

Fi car audio

Team Notoriously Loud

2000 4th place in points

2003 world finals 6th place ss 9+

2006 world finals 3rd place bass race 150-159.9


Ref..Looney Tunes,lilcarcus,WildcatNate,emd2260,Jaradspl,SHoemup233,Denim,Tacosys,Jagblazer01,chromie, hazardous0388,nismos14

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