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81 camaro is a non hatch i believe....subs are in the back seat?

QUOTE=McIntosh;6371844]300+ amps in a car. You can't be in it to listen to it. I guess its to impress/annoy people from afar. Is that why my new HU came with a remote? I never thought of that aspect. I'll never know whether the batteries fit or not.

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Thats kind of important to mention dude


Subs forward port up

Car: 2002 Infinity Qx4, S2000 Pearl Black, Boss 301 20's

Subs: (4) Audioque SDC 2.5 15's

Amps: Visonik 4000XD @ .5ohm / Kicker KX650.4 / Alpine 2 chanel

WALL: 16 cubes, 225" of Port, 40hz, braced to all hell

Ice: Pioneer P860mp HU / 4 6.5" PG RSD's in door pods / 2 4" Dayton RS100's

:veryhapp: Built... Not Bought :veryhapp:

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