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can def vouch for this man. great guy to work with. not to shabby of a box builder either lol.




Refs: dominicdevito, thegreatestpenn, grimreper912003, 18inchjeepin, oldschool4me, soloXgt, kryptonitewhite, MHd2000, DaBeholder

ebay: illbmeubu23 (100% feedback)


and ohio, we beat up some *****s from ohio, thats a sissy state. nuthin but fine *****es live out there.

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ty. lspoweredgoat is a great buyer. no bs just promptly paid with an mo. would def do biz with again


2k2 honda civic

summer build

audison sr4 on focal polyglass 165vb components active

soundstream rubi1.2500d on dc lvl4 xl 18

pioneer deh-80prs


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