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FS: Halo 3 xbox 360

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Hey guys,

I just bought another game and need to sell something so up for sale is Halo 3. Its in great shape in its original case with manual. I can get pictures if necessary but I'm sure you all know what it looks like :)


Lets go with $30 shipped.

01 Jeep Cherokee

Head Unit: Kenwood kdc-x794

Sub amp: Mb Quart 1500.1

Sub: AQ HDC3 15"

Box: 4.0^3 at 32hz

Front Speakers: Infinity Reference 6012i

Rear Speakers: Stock

Refs: Bought From:endofdays89, tukn18s, Blue Fury, Loud-n-low, Revrider1, DARKHART, OmegaBunny

Sold to: Drchronic, Walnut, clbolt, BushJ311, Good*Bad*Ugly

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