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Lookin for Enclosure Advice.....

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I am looking to purchase a Power Acoustik MOFO 15 Dual 2 Ohm Woofer and Run the Power Acoustik BAMF 4000 watt Mono Amp. I figure I don't need much more than that. I am looking to make a box but I don't know whether to go Sealed or Ported. All the boxes I have seen this woofer in are ported but I didn't know how that would work on a down firing box. I was lookin to make a down firing box to go in the back of my Silverado and do away with the bench. What should I do?? Down firing Ported Box? or Sealed Box. I am kinda hoping to utilize some more wood and create a bench of the box. Any information would help.

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I would go with a ported enclosure for a MOFO. They like large enclosures, so I've heard... 5 cubes would probably work well.


PM me if you need a design.

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