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andrew2006 fantastic buyer

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This man kept me informed and gave me absolutely no trouble. I sold my sundown saz-1500d to him and he payed with paypal right away. Would do business anytime with him.

Team Sundown


Car: 1997 Honda Accord

Head unit: Alpine CDE-7870

Amp: sundown saz-1500 (2x when competing)

Battery: kinetik 1400 and 2400

Subs: 2 audioque HD310 D2

Refs: KnOkIn It 420 (Sell), groundpound4200 (sell)poundindak69 (Trade) andrew2006 (sell) melnlovr911 (Trade) Army Killa (Buy)

Refs: massiveaudiocw (Sell), casper97ta (Sell)

evryone did ask, they keep getting the response of chinese henchman being great craftsmen, thus them creating uberwoofers.

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Great buyer. Bought a 18" sub from me using paypal. He had to be patient because USPS didn't post the tracking info. He trusted me and stayed in communication and waited until it did show up. I would do business with him again.

feedback thread; http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=385110


References: Mike465, Team H&K, Joe00es , Baron1124, lil_italy773 , rockintaurus, mazzasec, gorrilajoe, f150john, blaze383, ridinhi, spitfire3088, tacovic, darenE46, toolfan91. cd5661

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