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Good seller. Will do business again.

Sold To: L22rules; jeffrey1970; PABowhunter4life; allout13; atsaubrey; horsemanwill

Bought From: brentbarrie; wgsj_fortvalley; horsemanwill; jaredspl; atsaubrey


Reference Thread - http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=365202

Engine Whine Free Since 11.26.08[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]


Team Mafia "Killing the competition with silence"

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Sold to: stevew007, Worstenemy453, HelloImBob, All_Rice, Durney, sixfootman2005, jaes90, d-REW, RidnClean, Pbateman

Bought from: Lousiana_crx, 96impala, KHARPS, Pjvoc, WhiteIce, Dvcevoblack, Jrgreene1968, Zack39648, Dave_Damage, Freelander, Connersdad19, Slammed, Ali1, TeamSouthrnBass, RXZILLA, oldschool4me, Fusion_FREAK, Simpsonbuck, Acex3a, jaredspl, JEXTEL, jamesw, orangelss, Ridinhi, 01 S 10, jmkanek, luv2shrOOm, braggpawn, sub2weeker, tv559, Alanhall,

Traded with: Duece212, cleansoundz, kcdc30, got_focus?, 90accordman, BASS_WARRIOR, crazyman03,


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thanks guys.

refs: LiquiClen, toolfan91, matrxx dude, zeuslicious x3, jagblazer01, Assman, FASTIMES, goodie, JrVtecAccord, franz777000, grizzjwill, 22mountaineer, seedubs1, groudpound420, THE LOW, sundownz, hunterw, soloXgt, poundindak69, Viper118, Dwright27, ssackett, dropkick13, pimpinmex803, Incriminator, Stillfly89, K_schutte, TeamPSI, mendon mafia, Flipx99, projectpechkin, shaneb, Worstenemy453, thehardknocklife, oldschoolboomer, psychoacoustics,


Adrianos= SCAMMER!!!

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