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03150MrSBF A++++++ BUYER!

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Kept in constant communication and very easy to talk with and overall a very good transaction. Sent me a MO from the PO like I asked and was ok with that and couldn't have went any smoother.


Thanks bud!

Refs~Max Power(ST), bnevets27(ST), 99oldsintrigue(ST), matrxx dude(BF), Ficaraudio(BF), Zachzchw(BF), tigerf117(ST), 5.7TBI(BF), DBfan187(ST), Joesph M(ST), 97gp(ST), Cornbreadxd(ST), SlappinX(ST), nycspudz03(ST), bl0ckd(BF), Sctattooer(ST), hitman34608(ST), Wackdogg(ST), ggk(ST), 03F150MrSBF(STx2), Dye4metal(ST), Mikey7182(BF), Wu501(BF), Twisted_0912(BF), Crunklech(BF), psychoacoustics(BF), Tyler Chavez(ST), GTO Dave(ST), Thisistiny(ST), DarkScorpin(BF), davidtemple(BF), BassaddictJ(BF), Geoff_off_me(BF), Dragnix(BF)


BF=Bought from

ST=Sold too

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