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Sugary Monkey

Will these plans from the Sticky work

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It will work, but you may want to choose a box tuned a little higher.

MA recommends 39hz, but you could do 32hz or I think 35 or 36 at 1.75

cubes may be better.


Car: 2004 Nissan Altima 3.5 manual

Head unit: Alpine CDA-9815 (running active)

Midbass: Morel HU-621 Hybrid Uniflow 8 ohms

Mid Amp: Audison lrx 4.300 bridged 2x140w @ 8 ohms

Doors: 24ft Damplifier Pro, Second Skin D-flex pads, eggcrate foam, sealed up.

Tweeter: SEAS 27TFFNC

High Amp: Audison Lrx-2.150

Subs: Two RE SE 12 d4's

Box: 4 cubes net at 30hz

Sub Amp: Sound Stream Van Gough 1600.2

Electrical: Knu Flex 1/0, Batcap 2000 in back

Rear Deck: No 6x9's just holes and grills:)

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