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First Equalizers (which one to pick)

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Ok so my system consists of everything in my sig......... i was hoping someone could help me pick the right EQ or maybe even a EQ/crossover combo.

i really dont know much about Equalizers or crosssovers, but im prretty close to being somewhat done with my system and i think i need to fine tune everything :D. i want to make these polk momos sound alot better than they do :crap: . I Still got to deaden the doors a little more (inside layer done and covered holes), still need to put some deaden on the back of the door panels. But i just dont think the avh-p4000-dvd is cutting it for sound processing.............

the highest im willing to go for a used EQ is $150. how would the Audiocontrol EQX suit my needs?

2006 Honda Civic EX

2 12" Mag 4.0 ported tuned to 35hz

2 kicker kx1200.1(strapped)

Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD

Morel Tempo 6's

sundown 100.2

100sq raammat

Big 3- done with 0 gauge

optima yellowtop upfront

kinetik HC600 in the back, 250 amp mechman alt


if buying from me search: UNDERGROUND_BUM, or UNDERGROUND_BUM's




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Dude, it all depends on your set up. I have an Audio Control Four.


Mine has line level gain adjustments, Aux in or main in, front and rear output. Adjustable boost with frequency select for low frequency response. and a five band EQ. Mine is used primarily for the imaging speakers, I run my bass from my deck to the amp direct. I could run it off the Audio Control but I think this is best for a cleaner bass signal. My main use for this Audio Control is the line driver it has. i tweak the eq just slightly for a mild image enhancement. I was told that line drivers will help when you are running multiple amp setups. I have three amps in my car. Total is 1260 rms at 4 ohms combined amps output, but only one amp is loaded at a 4 ohm set up. the others are at 2 ohms.

2016 Chevy Cruze LT

Pioneer DD 2700BS , JBL MS8 all active , ARC XDI805 channel, FOCAL-100KRS set - active- Dayton Audio SD215A-88 8" DVC Subwoofer as Midbass - sub- one Crescendo Forte 12., (1) Alpine-MRD-M1000

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