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Any advice?? Need a new system!

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Im looking for a business here in Tn that will take my old system in on trade! Its less than a year old.. I had it in my Denali, but sold that big thing because of gas.. now i have a lil Trans Am, so I need a system with the special corvette box and all. Which brings me to my current delima, Im sitting on a system that I can not use!


I obviously know I wont get even half my paying price back out of it, but I really would like to just load it off for something that will fit in my available trunk space. So below I am listing what i have, and someone PLZ let me know what I can do from here!!


(2) Memphis 12's in a box


(1) MA Audio amp, 4-channel 500w


(1) MA 10 NEW Still in plastic wrapper


(2) MA 10's in a bandpass box


I had another amp to push the 10's, but I currently cant locate it... Also Im not sure of the model of any of the subs, so Ive added a few pics.

HeadUnit: sold Front Stage: 6.5 skar vxi65 + IA i65c + DB drive pro tweets Highs Amp: sold Sub Stage: all sold Sub Amp: sold Box: Wall @ ~30cu.ft. Electrical: 100ft 2/0 welding wire + 75ft 1/0 Audio Technix + 2 C&D 140's

Deadener: 100sq.ft. Audio Technix 60mil


References (sold, bought): Winkychevelle, SKARaudio x2, Patthehat033, Mazdakid, Ten_ton_bass, GAMEOVERCCA, Horsemanwill, Boomsday, Zellner, g6ryder x2, Moble Enclosurs (Box design), Goodstuff, Bread0710, dgaf, Cat Man, and many more (MAF, CACO, & ebay references available as well [110+ transactions])

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call 615 485 6174. Thats the number to a shop near nashville. He'll be able to build something for you. and he does trade ins

94 Cherokee build in progress

build log: http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=411921


refs: DJ Nitrous 427, rollerdj, mazzasec, 2002XLT, WALKS UP, psych0ticnemes1, woofercooker, burzendowski, buck, White Ram, rgplayer, ampjunkielikeme

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Traffic jams in bristol tn or custom enclosers bristol va

1996 jeep Cherokee

kenwood cd player kdc 138

diamond hex pro comments up front

amps - two hifonics 3200 class d mono

subs - 4 15" diamond d3's

best run 149.7 legal @ street fights stereo comp

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