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box of computer parts, cheap

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Pioneer DVR-105VE DVD burner $15

3com NIC $5

Gigafast WF721-AEX pcmcia card $7

D-link DWL-G630 pcmcia card $15

Logitech computer speakers $15

Nvidia Riva TNT AGP 64mb vga+svideo $20

Philips CD/RW burner $15

Gateway OEM mobo, Pentium 3 1ghz cpu(w/hsf), 384mb ram, NIC & sound card $25

Gyration Gyroscopic mouse $30

2 Lite-On Airboards(wireless keyboard/mouse combo) $20 each or $35 for both

512mb PC133 sodimm 144pin....$40


56k modem $FREE

2-3 ide/floppy cables $FREE

2-3 6ft cat5 cable $FREE

3 port firewire pci adapter $FREE

4 80mm fan grills $FREE

pci slot fan $FREE

2 port pci usb 2.0 adapter $FREE


$180 shipped for everything including all the free items


*Prices INCLUDE shipping

*Buy more than one item and get a good discount

*One FREE item per item bought

*All sold "as-is", but I am 95% sure everything works



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make some offers people, these items are sitting around doing nothing. as long as it is worth my time to pack and ship i will sell this stuff for anything


if you ask me for a "lowest" price i am not going to lowball myself, but if you pm me an offer the worst i can say is no

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i just bought a pc off connersdad and i will be testing the keyborads onj it tonight when i reinstall windows


i have the receivers for them, but they have been sitting in a box in the basement for over a year and i want to make sure they work since i have a pc that is easily accessible to test them

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at least i found out for sure the power supply i had for sale works;)


here it is rigged up outside the case. it is going in a rack so looks dont matter much, but it is blocking the pci and agp ports so i will need to get a new case soon




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