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New here looking forward to spending some time with you all. I have alread begun my education with the stickies good info to be had.

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Car: 1998 Ford Explorer

Head Unit: Pioneer AVHP5700-DVD, Matching 10" Screen

Mids & Highs: None (Any Suggestions?)

Subs: 2 15" Hybrid Juggernauts (Druggnaut 30's)

Sub Amp: Hifonics BXi2607D :D

Electrical: Optima Red Top In Front, Stinger SPV35 In Back, 1/0 Kicker Hyperflex


145.6 @ 2 Ohms, 51hz

149.2 @ .5 Ohms, 49hz :veryhapp:

Refs: Thieroff, Nigro013, Dalucifer, Its_A_Sleeper, Falder, GMCJimmyslt2000, ProjectPechkin

Feedback Thread

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welcome, enjoy your stay

hu: pioneer Dehp6800mp


electrical system: optima deepcycle, stock alt


speakers: (x2) 6x9 RE's, (x2) RE 4" (x2) MA audio tweeters


Amp: eclipse amp


Sub: (x3) RE 12" subs


Sub amp:(x2)audiopipe ap3002


Just keep in mind that this is a 6.5 inch subwoofer.This is definitely not a "Crank Up the Soulja Boy and Spew Your Lunch on the Windshield" kind of subwoofer. It's more like a " Hey, Do You Think Barry White Kinda Sounds Like a Chick and We Need More Bass?" kind of subwoofer.
Originally Posted by DDeitz

blacks buy cars owned by white men who were designed by asians and made by mexicans ...see everyone contributes to the cycle

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Corpus Christi, Texas or specificlly just about 18 miles north of it in Aransas Pass.


I must say while the info is great it has done nothing except confuse the bejessus out of me.

I came here with the preconcieved notion that RF was a pretty decent brand, and rainbow was the best money could buy.


Now I realize there are tons of brands all of which have their strong and weak points and that I live in podunk so I will never be able to preiview something without buying it. Woe is me.

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