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a little help to throw away the front coaxes

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Well i´m trying to decide between


- radical audio 16.2 or 16.3

- hertz mlk-165

- used morel elate 6 (with the older crossover mx 3.3, price still at discuss.)

- Helix S6 competition

- Rainbow cs 265 profi kick

- focal 165 k2p

- dls up6i


somehow i and falling for the hertz "baby mille", but generally speaking

i confess i prefer smooth highs and not so in the face mids.


for an avg. 350-400€ investment.


If need be, how would you rate them.?



Car: Honda civic eg9/94 vti HU: Alpine 9887R, Amp: Boston GT-42, front stage: Hertz MLK-165 active :) with ML-165 in door(low) & ml-28 tweeter in sail panel, Amp: Alpine MRP-M500 mono to Focal 27LUX 10.8" ported sub

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