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western NY

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Anyone around rochester or medina,ny??? I'm lookin for any local competitions. Im a first timer, aint got nothin to serious jus lookin to have some fun and get into the scene more. I have a 97 dodge stratus with the slap shift. I'm runnin a pioneer premier deck(an older one), a clarion DPX11500 mono amp(1500watts rms), a 12" JBL GTi MKII(750rms,4000peak) and some clarion 6x9's. I got the sub in an obcon box, it's slotted and ported with aluminum plates on both ends and about the size of a box for 2 12's. Everyone thinks I have 15's in the trunk. I'm runnin zero gauge wire with a 200amp fuse and I am in serious need of an extra battery or a capacitor. I also have an epic-150 sound controller that I have yet to hook up. It has a built in voltage meter and db meter. I also have 2 10" pioneer premier subs TS-W2504SPL series 800rms, 2500peak but no box yet. Don't know what I should get and I don't know if these would be louder than my 12". I also have a 4/5 channel eclipse amp but I want to get some 6 1/2's for the doors before I hook it up. Sorry bout the book I just wrote but if anyone has any suggestions or answers for me it would be greatly appreciated, thanx.

H.U.- Clarion FZ709 Digital Receiver

Sub Amp- Digital Designs CM1 1000@1ohm

Subs- 2 8" DD 1008b-d4's waiting on T line box

Mids Amp- pending

Mids- pending...diamond audio tweets

Wires- 4g flex wire, monster rca's

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