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JUNE 6th,7th,8th IOWA shows!!

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Starting June 6th at Custom Car Tunes in Mason City, IA

June 7th at Grahm Tire in Storm Lake, IA

June 8th at Grahm Tire in Fort Dodge, IA


After party afterwards the 7th at Storm Lake!!!


June 6th 1x show

June 7th and 8th are both 2x show!!


Hope to see people there


Be prizes and trophies, and subway is going to be a big part of the show on the 6th in Mason City, so i hope your hungry!!

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Hey I am planning on going up there.. I don't think its too far away from Omaha.. Already have it marked down on the calendar..

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Is there still water in Storm Lake?, last time I was there it was almost dried up

2009 Pontiac G8 GT, Rotofab Intake, SOLO Exhaust, Kooks Headers, LS7 MAF, Custom Cam and headwork, Patrick G Tune

Hybrid Imagine 6.5 front, Image Dynamics CTX 5.25 rear doors. Sundown SA10 of JBL MSA-500


2007 Toyota 4Runner

Polk DB Coaxes, JBL MSA-500 running Sundown SA12


Refs: Pike110,Hintzyboy,dcmcki, qcsfinest704, MagickMan, allstar1500bd, ravemeister, Team PSI, Jntar, Brian Owens, and others....so many

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