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Alpine CDA-9815

Some Vids

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I was bored and found some vids of the broken down POS. Enjoy.


http://members.cox.net/grim_reaper_04/Final%20Vid%202.avi Right after the car was tuned from first cam swap... 232/236 613/613 112LSA.


http://lsx.streetfire.net/player.aspx?fileid=20A54CE2-B7C0-487F-AF29-8DFEB9CF3D41 Second time running the car after cam swap and exhaust.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kqyPh10CtM After FAST LSX and 228/232 590/590 111LSA cam... or specs somewhere right around there give of take a few.




Spraying on the freeway.



Alpine CDA-9887 | CDT EF-61CF's | 12" Diamond Audio TDX | Diamond Audio D5 1200.1| Diamond Audio D5 600.4| KnuKonceptz Wiring

Refs (sold to): Pitchblack98 | phyphoestilic | str8cyko | rotciv005 | gixxer9 |

Refs (bought from): xreymax | denali804 | BLD_25 |

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