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Box builder in Atlanta area......

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anybody on here build boxes that lives in the atlanta area or on the southside...... if so pm me or email me at Detroitballa873@aol.com


thanks in advance




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I'm in Northeast GA, about 2 hours from ATL. I have delivered two or three boxes down there before and just happened to be in the middle of rush hour haha. I can build you one and bring it to you, but I would prefer to meet up with you halfway or something.

Let me know if you are interested.


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if you dont mind shipping, hit up BJ Fisher, his prices are awesome, and he ships with top notch packaging :D



2005 Acura RSX-S


Headunit: JVC KD-AR8500

Front Stage: Vifa & Mpyre 65M *ACTIVE*

System Amp: MB Quart DSC4125

Wiring: Kicker Hyperflex

Deadening: Edead SE2 and V3



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