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Local Box Builder (Louisville,Ky) ?

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Going to need a box built for sum 18s soon..looking for sumthing local because i dont want to pay shippin on a dual 18 box lol..if u could PM me some of your work..

Refs-Skip01, Jmanjr, goodie, DubbDesigns, joem1cha3l, Kawasaki STX-R, audiobahnuser18, djhn9, Jeeper09, cityboy21, sporty_drew, FLOSSINON24S, wong05tsx, thaster, Acizzle423, soloXgt, mobeious, Cloak559, ldyzlvudis06, pickup1

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Didn't get to finish either of those enclosures, RE 8 bandpass on left, dual 12" on right.


rear loaded horn in black, my old quad of 15's for my Jeep


15" enclosure for a Del Sol


First box I had in the Jeep


15" in trunk of Monte Carlo...loud


1 of 2 BIB horns for home stereo

n210002435_30594382_5714.jpgBandpass before port change on left



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snoopdan is around the ville. I dont know if he would build ya one or not buy he does know his shit. send him a message and ask. he could probably atleast give ya a name of somebody who would

00 Escalade..FOR SALE

headunit-pioneer avh-5700 w/ ipod adapt.

Front stage- Fusion 6.5" comp. set

Subs-2 18" Re SX's 16cubes..34hz

amp-Fusion 2500

batt-spl cell C-115


bought from:Team H&K,TeamPSI, wu501, FASTIMES, SPY, _JAY_

A recent study shows that 92% of all teenagers converted to emo/punk etc. Put this in your sig if you're one of the 8% who stayed gangsta

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