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EnvEe 02 is a scammer

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Just a warning for anyone looking at buying anything from EnvEe 02 (Matt Bettes). After accepting my paypal payment for the TC-12 OEM more than 2 weeks ago he stopped responding to PMs or emails and hasn't responded in the dispute raised with Paypal. He has been online at the forum pretty much everyday either posting or sending PMs according to his user profile.


Since there are only a few Bettes in NY I'm pretty sure I can track him down (maybe through parents/relative), but if anyone has sold him stuff and has his address and more importantly his phone number I'd appreciate if you could send it to me or post it here.


So far he's got $200 from me and all I have is a 2 week old promise that it was shipped and that he'd send me the tracking number when he got home from work. I guess it's been a long work day. :verymad:


Edit: The TC-12 showed up today. I don't understand why there was such difficulty in Matt replying to any of my emails, PMs or the dispute with Paypal. Since Matt was online here at the forum posting and sending private messages during the time I was attempting to contact him for information on shipping it is quite confusing. Overall I'm satisfied with the item but the communication from Matt was very poor.

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