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Need a custom enclosure? Contact JDbuilder!!!

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Probably the most professional person Ive ever dealt with. I ordered a box from him and the build quality is superb, better than anything Ive ever seen. Even better is his prices. Why pay for a cheap pre-fab when you can have a high-quality custom one for the same price? What more can you ask for?


Great customer service, answers e-mails fast. Always has a professional tone.


I HIGHLY reccomend JDbuilder if you need a custom enclosure. He'll build anything you need.


website: eccenclosures.com

Bought From:bad @SS chevy, kmanian, bpres9991, TurdFergueson2, donpisto

Sold To:pcoff61, JoeSmith502, hemi4me?, weddlz, wp7456, cloudwalka, cx-7heaven

Ebay: rc10zmoney: 100% +


HAT L1 Pro R2


SS HRU.4 and HRU.2

x2 IDQ 12 Sealed

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