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Good seller. Everything came as described.



well im not hard anymore and it would hurt so bad to get it up again i would rather stick it out then constantly touch my balls when they hurt this bad


Hey, it's Chicago, not Cleveland, so at least he doesn't have the walking cesspools and centers of disease research that are Grady's Ladies talking to him.

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yes ma'am. he is a good guy.


Educate yourself and help stop the ignorance.

llllllllllllllll DEA Judge Francis L Young says...

llllllllllllllll Designing a Ported Box


refs: hazardous0388, snoopdan, karleon, thelow, freezeman_7, imtjnotu, Gebrochen, astroladespl, billabongcr , mustbenu , thunder9500 , 91ser, djdilliodon (6 times), stupify, milenko515, Zeuslicious, Bmoorman05, WaTTsLOk187, too dope 1904, nate2587, rbiele126, denalilvr



Don't Blame Me. I Voted for Ron Paul.


BluePoint Air Ratchet for sale...click me bitch

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