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Power Acoustik PTID-5300/Farenheit TID-530

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I purchase and install this HU last week, i get the PA version but the seller run out of it and send me the farenheit version is exactly the just diferent name and little bit expensive.


Now the review:


Looks 10/10:


This HU looks really nice, the combine of the screen with the razor looks make it so cool everybody likes it.


Funtions 7/10:


It have a lot of funtions but are really hard to find and the manual is just a general guide, the playback is a little stupid thing it wont play from one folder to the other unless you change the folder, and you can read the whole name of the song with this big screen :crap:.


The touch screen is nice once you have start to play, but before that is a little tricky till you get use to it.


It plays DVD with mp3, and a lot of video format, USb and SD card those are really cool things.


Sound Quality 8/10:


The sound quality of this HU is really nice, it makes everithing sounds really clear and crisp, i play dvd in my car and it sounds better than my home theather and it has surround sound with is very nice when youre watching movies in it.


Image quality 9/10:


The image is really good, this screen is completly readable in day light you can see the videos and read letters without any problem no matter the conditions.


Price 10/10:


This is one of the best thing about this HU i get it for just US$244.00 shipped. And maybe not the best brand but PA have made decent products always and one of this line products won on sema 06.


Overall 8/10:


This is right what i was looking for, and in-dash that i dont have to modify my dash, it is one din only and fit withut any problem in there and you get a 5.3" screen first i think it was gonna be little but it surprise me, and is big enought for anything that you want to do with it.


So if you're looking for HU that plays DVD, looks cool and have a good price this is one of the best option, it have everithing you need and a lot more, and once you get use to it is so smoth to use it.











Car: 2008 Lincoln Navigator

HU: evaluation the options...

Front Spk: JBL Ms-62a

Amp: JBL GTR-104 and MS-5001

Sub: evaluation the options...

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