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Hello everyone, my name's Ehren and i'ma 21 year old dude living in the Chicago area. I've come here to learn. I've been a member of the Ecoustics forum since late last year and while I've learned a lot, I still have virtually zero hands on experience with installation and what not. Ecoustics has been very helpful for me, if it weren't for them i'd probably be running some sony xplodes and be installing my 5th capacitator to try and stop the lights from dimming.


I'm currently running 2 12" AA Arsenals on an eDnine.1 amp, a pp premier 680mp head unit, and looking to upgrade from the stock components in my 99' Jeep Grand Cherokee. I'm looking to get a set of Rainbow SLCs and a 2-channel amp to power them, and i'd like to try and do the install myself. It'll be my first time as I had the cd player, subs, and sub amp professionally installed. Thanks in advance for all the help and advice that is sure to come.

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