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Sonic FX Q 12" Review!

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Summary: Ok to start off let me give you a quick overview of my situation. I am a HUGE Incriminator Audio fan but as most of you know, their products are fairly difficult to come buy since they have been out of stock for some time now. I have been searching for a DP for about a year now with no luck. I had read about the Sonic FX Q in the past but had never seen or heard much about them. They are considered almost identical to the DP, so naturally I was interested. I came across this sub in the classifieds at ROE for an amazing price so I pounced on it.


Now to start off the actual review. At first glance this sub has a decent profile. Not overly beefy but by no means a "wimpy" looking sub. The TC9 based motor is not one of my favorites but seems to perform excellently! I installed the sub and was happy with its output. I had an Atomic AP/SPL 12" previously in the truck so most of my comparison is to that sub. Listening to it at first I felt that it was equally as loud as the Atomic and had equal amount of SQ. After more listening I found that the FX didn't get as loud or seem to pound on my truck as hard. So I felt that the FX was a inferior sub to the Atomic. Well after more listening I feel that I was very wrong in this assumption!!!! At equal settings on my HU the Atomic was louder but I found a little something out about the Sonic. I could turn the HU up more with no stress on the sub. I continued to crank it and crank it, and the Sonic just kept on getting louder!!! I have yet to do a full tilt run on the Sonic in fear that it will not like the IA 20.1 but the more I run it, the more confident I am that it will take the power. I have yet to do a lot of SQ testing due to not having a SQ based enclosure around. I will do some SQ reviews in the future and post them up for everyone to see.





This sub can take some power!!!! I'm not sure its actual rating but if it follows the DP as closely as I assume it does, its rating is 1200w RMS. It has dual 2 coils so it is pulling a 1ohm load off my IA 20.1. So its seeing 1800-2000+ RMS and loves it!!! It retains decent SQ, I'm not much of a SQ man so its kinda hard for me to tell. It does hit the lows with decenet authority, nothing special but not a total flop either. All around Decent sub!!





Not to man people seem to know about it so its not a very popular driver. It's SQ abilities are not as high as some drivers and its SPL abilities are nothing to amazing. Not really a lot of weaknesses that I can tell, least nothing I've noticed yet.





I give this sub a 8.5 out of 10. Its by no means a weak or mellow driver but it is also not a monster capable of killing small children :laughing::bangin:



Thanks for hanging with me to the end!





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