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Tweets hook up? And ground loop?

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I have a extra pair of tweets and was thinking of putting them in the rear with the 6 x 9s.


Will they work like this or will I need a crossover?


And I have a ground loop isolater, I was looking for something to stop this popping noise in the subs. It only does this with one amp but its the stronger one. It starts as soon as the deck comes on and doesnt change with volume.


Will this fix this?

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try it out couldnt hurt.. I had a similar grounding issue accept i was getting a whine out of my tweets.. i had perfect grounds and everything.. Everything i did i wasnt able to get rid of the whine then i got a loop isolator and it went away.. it was the last choice or else i would of had to kill myself lol.


Baseballer1100(x2),dvrmstrng, RedlineAccord




Pioneer DEH-P880PRS

6.5" Rainbow Germaniums

Us Amps MD22

2 12" Fi SSDS

2x Hifonics BXi 1206D

4.2 cu ft Ported box

Kinetik 1400

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